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Essex Skip Hire

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Essex Skip Hire are ideal for getting rid of any commercial or household waste and are especially handy for DIY enthusiasts or tradesmen working on residential properties, and would like to dispose of items such as drywall, fittings, and rugs. Essex Skip Hire is excellent for decorating and DIY jobs, as full-size skips are often costly and unnecessary.

Our mini skips explained

We offer Essex Skip Hire, with four easy skip sizes to fulfill all of your needs. If you’re looking to eliminate residential, commercial or trade waste quickly and economically, Just Clearance has got you covered. Essex Skip Hire are best for a multitude of purposes and objects and could be delivered to your door fuss-free.

Our Essex Skip Hire come in the following dimensions:


(H 2’6ft/L 5’8ft/W4’0ft): the ideal size for old junk, general waste and smaller DIY jobs (approx. 20-30 bin bags of waste)


(H 3’3ft/L 8’0ft/W4’0ft): the ideal size for loft, garden or garage clearances, and kitchen or bathroom refurbishments (approx. 40 bin bags of waste)


(H 10’0ft/L 5’0ft/W4’0ft): the ideal size for house moving and home clearances (approx. 60 bin bags of waste)


(H 4’1ft/L 9’8ft/W6’0ft): the ideal size for mid-size trade waste and household renovations (approx. 80 bin bags of waste)

Sometimes, you may need to get a permit from the local authority to have the ability to place a skip on the roadside or other public area. While we can’t supply the permits, we could provide a speedy and convenient drop-off and pick-up service – no matter your construction or clearance project – so you are not waiting around. Sometimes, it might even be possible for us to arrange same day or nextday service. When you have completed filling the skip, just call one of our client service team and we’ll arrange to get a fast pick-up to eliminate your waste; the Just Mini Skips team will do all of the recycling and disposal for you.

If you would rather not have to organise permits and pick-ups, we do also offer a wait and load service for your convenience; please enquire or click here for more information. Call and reserve your Essex Skip Hire today: 0800 0614562.

What type of objects can you put in a Essex mini skip?

    • Smaller objects of household or garden furniture
    • Trade waste and materials, including fixtures and rugs
    • Personal items including clothes
    • Garden and household equipment such as lawnmowers and vacuums
    • General household rubbish and clutter
    • Broken power tools, spare parts, and DIY objects
    • Smaller electric equipment and machines

We try to make our Essex Skip Hire and pick-up as fast and stress free as we can, so that you don’t have to put up with a unsightly skip in your garden for days or months after you have filled it; whenever possible, we could provide same-day or next-day pickup so that your items may be out of your hair and disposed of in no time at all.

Book a Essex Skip Hire today: 0800 0614562.


We keep Essex Skip Hire simple.

Firstly, choose a skip size. If you’re not completely sure what dimensions of skip you need, don’t hesitate to contact our client service group, who will be abe to advise you. For larger jobs, we are also able to organize delivery of more than one skips if necessary.

Pick the date and time you want us to provide the Essex Skip Hire, give us the address of your property, and provide us any extra information that might be helpful.

Sit back and relax as you wait patiently for us to arrive. We’ll call to let you know we are on our way, and we’ll set the skip up at the most convenient place possible.

Whether you want the skip for a day, a week or a month, when you have filled it up Just phone us on 0800 0614562and we’ll arrange same-day or next-day collection. We will do all of the recycling and disposal.


A cheaper alternative to conventional Essex Skip Hire is our wait and load service which takes the pain out of managing unwanted waste. Especially useful for tradesmen and renovation or construction sites. We Just bring a skip to your residential or industrial premises and wait patiently for you to load it up.

With our wait and load service you don’t have to worry about street permits or pay high rates to get a skip that will sit on your drive for days (or sometimes weeks!). You along with your contractors fill the skip with all your waste objects, and we’ll take them away for recycling and disposal – so that you don’t have to.

We’re registered and licenced by the Environment Agency, with comprehensive insurance and safety-trained professional teams for your reassurance.

Do not hesitate to contact our client service team for a complimentary, no-obligation wait and load quote: 0800 0614562


We’re registered and licenced by the Environment Agency, with comprehensive insurance and safety-trained professional teams for your reassurance. Do not hesitate to contact our client service team for a complimentary, no-obligation wait and load quote: 0800 0614562.


Are there any hidden fees involved?

There are no hidden fees, the price you are given over the phone is the price we stick to. As long as there aren’t additional items added to the job, then we may need to reprice but there are always plenty of options for you.

Do you offer booked timeslots?

Our services are simple and easy to arrange – Just get in touch for a free quote on 0800 123 4567 and we’ll be happy to arrange your house clearance at a time that suits you best.

Can you collect items from any floor or room in my property?

We are fully covered to collect items from anywhere around the property, from the back garden shed to your basement or even loft, so there’s no need for you to get everything together neatly before we arrive – it does speed things up if you do decide to gather your unwanted items but this isn’t completely necessary.

Where does my waste end up?

We intent to keep our services as environmentally friendly as possible and are fully licensed to carry your waste. We try to send as many reusable items as possible to local charity shops things like clothing, bedding and old furniture are great for this and every little helps.


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