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Lamarsh House Clearance Company

Welcome to, Lamarsh’s outstanding House Clearance Company. We have been providing House Clearance, Same Day House Clearance and Full House Clearance Services throughout the city for over a decade. Our professionals are experts with many years of experience and know how to assist you get your house cleared without hassle or delays – fast and effectively.

We understand that time is of the crucial importance when it comes to home clearance tasks and that’s why we offer immediate service within Lamarsh to help you clear your home in the shortest time possible. Our team of highly experienced professionals are committed to ensuring that each job is completed up to a high standard and that all things are removed in a responsible manner while respecting your property and home during the process.

Our services range starting with clearing a single room or garden shed, right through to full house clearances for larger properties. We also offer an additional waste disposal service where we remove all waste from the premises to dispose them in a responsible manner to ensure that there are no items dumped at landfill sites that are not tested or used in inappropriate ways.

At Our focus is towards providing outstanding customer service at every step of the way – from initial enquiry right to when the task is completed in its entirety. We fully understand how important it is for customers to have peace-of-mind during what can be an extremely stressful experience. That is why we provide no-cost quotes on request so you know exactly what costs are involved prior to making a decision to hire us for services.

If you’re searching for an honest Lamarsh House Clearance Company then look no further than Just Clearances. We are proud of our punctuality, professionalism affordable pricing, and dedication to excellence. So, contact us today to discuss all of your House Clearance needs.

Local House Clearance Teams

Welcoming you here at Just Clearances, your go to source for House Clearance services in Lamarsh. We provide Same Day House Clearance Services and Full House Clearance Services, which allows you to complete the task quickly and easily. Our local house clearance experts are on hand to provide a complete service to ensure your home is cleared out efficiently, with minimal disruption and cost.

Our team of experts have been offering House Clearance in Lamarsh for more than a decade, and have built a reputation of reliability and professionalism over the years. Our staff is highly trained, experienced professionals who understand the importance of working to the highest standards, on time, and within budget. We take pride in providing a discreet service that always is respectful of the privacy and security needs of customers.

When it is time to House Clearance in Lamarsh, we are aware of the particular problems of working in this bustling city; from traffic congestion to parking restrictions, there’s plenty to think about when cleaning out the property in Lamarsh.

Tips for a Successful House Clearance in Lamarsh

When it comes to house clearance in Lamarsh, there are many issues that could arise, which could make the job a challenge for anyone. But, with the right guidance and information, you can ensure that your home clearing in Lamarsh is efficient and successful.

You should create an action plan to complete the task. Make sure you’ve researched the most efficient methods and approaches to employ when cleaning a home. Additionally, you should look into professional services like Just Clearances in order to know what services are available and potentially book one if necessary. In the third, ensure you know exactly what is required to be cleared – this could include furniture items, appliances, rugs and carpets or other items depending on the situation. Set goals for each stage of the process, so you can meet deadlines and expectations as efficiently as you can.


It’s also essential to determine any safety or health risks before beginning the job: check whether there is asbestos in the area or any sources of electricity that have to be isolated prior to. If necessary, enlist some help from friends or family members who can help with any lifting or heavy tasks during the clearance process. Be aware of where any dangerous waste must go such as paint tins and fuel and other fuel containers – they must be taken to a particular disposal facility for them to be disposed of correctly.

Don’t need a House Clearance? We also provide Office Clearance Lamarsh

As well as House Clearance, we also provide the highest quality office clearance services to the local community, helping make our environment cleaner and healthier.

Office Clearance Lamarsh is an essential service, helping businesses and local residents alike keep their spaces free from clutter and potential hazards. Whether you need to clear out an entire office or just a few items, Just Clearance can help you with professional Office Clearance services that guarantee your satisfaction. We understand how important it is to have a clean office space and strive to provide fast, reliable Office Clearance solutions at the most competitive prices. Our Office Clearance specialists are highly experienced, highly trained and fully insured, so you know that your property and belongings are in safe hands. From preparing the space for demolition, disposing of unwanted furniture and equipment, recycling materials where possible, to providing full-service clearing of large volumes of machinery, paperwork and archives – we do it all.

Some Of Our Other Clearance Services:


Frequently asked questions about House Clearance in Lamarsh

We provide clients throughout Essex with House Clearance, Rubbish Removal and Furniture Disposal Services. Our experienced team of professionals have years of experience in the field and can help you with all your house clearance needs. Whether it’s a one-off job or regular service, we are here to make sure your house is clear and clutter free. Below are some Frequently asked questions about our House Clearance Services in Lamarsh

What services does Just Clearance offer?

Just Clearance offers House Clearance, Rubbish Removal and Furniture Disposal Services in Lamarsh and the surrounding area.

Where is the company located?

We have several locations across Essex and provide our services to clients throughout the county.

How long have you been providing house clearance services?

We have been providing house clearance services for many years throughout Essex with a great reputation amongst our customers.

Do you charge for your services?

Yes, we do charge a fee for our house clearance, rubbish removal furniture disposal and waste clearance services depending on the amount of items being cleared or removed from your property. Please contact us for more information about our service fees for an accurate quotation.

Is there an additional cost if I want my property cleared quickly?

No, all of our prices are fixed regardless of how quickly you require a property to be cleared as we understand that sometimes it needs to be done urgently so can work around you when necessary but please discuss with us prior to booking any work in.

Are Just Clearance insured for house clearance services?

Yes, we are fully insured to provide House Clearance services across Essex.

Do I need to be present when the house clearances are carried out?

No, you don’t need to be present while the work is done but it’s preferable if someone can stay at least until we have finished clearing the property.

Will my furniture be reused or recycled after a house clearance?

We strive to reuse and recycle as much of your furniture as possible rather than dumping them in landfills. As part of our commitment towards sustainability, we donate items that are still reusable so they can find new homes with other members of the community.

How long will it take for my property to be cleared by Just Clearance?

Depending on how many items you have and their size, most properties can usually get cleared within 1 day but please contact us prior for an accurate estimate depending on your specific requirements.

Do I need to provide any special equipment for Just Clearance?

No, we bring all the necessary tools and equipment with us so you don’t have to worry about providing anything.

At Just Clearance, we provide professional House Clearance, Rubbish Removal and Furniture Disposal Services across Essex. We understand that sometimes you need to get your property cleared fast, so we can work around you and always strive to reuse and recycle furniture wherever possible. Our team of experienced professionals are fully insured for house clearance services and bring all the necessary equipment for the job. Get your free quote today by calling us on 0800 0614562 or emailing us at – don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services or would like a more accurate estimate of how long it will take to clear your property! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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